Right after Aang's death, a dragon named Osu camed to the Dragons and said that the avatar is a menace as seen in Malefor.Some of them joined in and the leaders are evil.Half of the world hunted the avatar to end the cycle.When the avatar was born who is an earth dragon fought Osu, but got killed at age 50.Ater that the other avatars were fighting him but died.Later, a undead avatar from the undead clan of dragons fought Osu and Osu fought that killing the avatar of his will end the cycle battled.Thr avatar died but failed to end the cycle.But finally a new avatar from the light clan was born in the avatar temple because Osu fought killing a clan will end the cycle.He killed only 55% of them but failed again.Sonchu the new avatar dragon was born of 9 out of 10 kids that his mother bore. At age 8 he learn hes the chosen dragon avatar.At age 17 he masters everything he needs to know.He later learns about his clan and reuies with his family.He then marries and has a daugher and is now reay to fight Osu.At age 45 he acientdly killed Osu because he released darrkness at him but got reflected back and got killed.The world is at againnow knowing Osu's teaching is wrong.Sonchu dies peacefully at 52 knowing the world will know peace