Breaker is a Rock Golem

Powers and UpgradeEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Whip: Lash enemies with energized punches
  • Crystal Charge: Turn into a diamond statue that increases critical hit and elemental power

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Super Chain: Energy Whip does increased damage and has increased ranged
  • Metal Crystal: Crystal Charge now increases damage
  • Energy Mode: Become pure energy to block all damage but lose the ability to attack, pickup power-ups and food
  • Hunting Chain: Energy Whip homes in on enemies

Crystal EaterEdit

This path lets Breaker further upgrade his Crystal Charge abilities

  • Crystal Burst: After activating Crystal Charge, create a crystal explosion
  • Friendly Crystal: While using Crystal Charge, defeating enemies restores health
  • Crystal Knight: New armor makes Breaker harder to hit, grants 40 armor

Prism MasterEdit

This path lets Breaker further upgrade his Energy Abilities

  • Energy Fight: Retain the ability to attack during Energy Mode but damage is decreased
  • Triple Finish: While using Energy Mode anything that attacks Breaker takes a third of the damage
  • Life Energy: Charge the Energy Whip for more damage but drain health

Soul Gem AbilityEdit

Requires Soul Gem from Crystal Crypt

  • Lingering Shard: Leave crystals behind while using Energy Mode