the demon train is a train was head for the stationEdit

whan chancellor cole went insane & drove his

train off the spirit tracks they never saw him or the

train again some say he straight to where malefor


the signsEdit

  1. white light
  2. a smell
  3. a scary music

then train enters the zone of darkness

to underworld.

song lyricsEdit

sometimes late at night

do you hear the whistle wail

with spooky screaching sound

like a wheel got off the spirit rails

through the smoky clouds

then you got scared

the ghost the crazy chancellor

with firey looking eyes

i say whoo whoo

do you hear the train

whoo whoo

waitin for the train

fly that engine

only sticks & stones

and old conductor's bones remain!


  • the train look like the train from the legend of zelda spirit tracks
  • the song sound like the haunted train from hey arnold!