Ghost Chopper is an Arkeyan Ghoul

Powers and UpgradesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Arkeyan Whip: Swing a metal-tipped whip at enemies
  • Arkeyan Charge: Ram your enemies

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Pain Bash: Arkeyan Charge does increased damage
  • Vampiric Metal: Arkeyan Whip does increased damage restores Ghost Chopper's health
  • Spartan Mode: Turn into metal for invulnerability, but lose the ability to attack
  • Haunting Bone: Create a bone tornado

Fear WarriorEdit

This path lets Ghost Chopper further upgrade his Arkeyan Whip and Haunting Bone attacks

  • Arkeyan Combat Shifter: A + A + B for Arkeyan Phase and A + A + Z for Arkeyan Burst
  • Arkeyan Ecto-Whip: Arkeyan Whip restores more health
  • Demon Nightmare: Haunting Bone is bigger and does increased damage

Master DefenderEdit

This path lets Ghost Chopper further upgrade his Arkeyan Charge and Spartan Mode abilities

  • Arkeyan Spectral Fright: Arkeyan Charge goes through attacks
  • Stun Bash: Arkeyan Charge stuns enemies
  • Demon Transfer: Restore health while using Spartan Mode

Soul Gem AbilityEdit

Requires Soul Gem from Dark Island

  • Lingering Bones: Haunting Bone last longer and follows Ghost Chopper