Katarra is Spyro's sucessor of being the Avatar.She was born as the daughter of the king of a mini kingdom of iceola. 16 years later, Katarra who just master ice, and other elements ( not included magic, fire, darkness, time, convexity and cosmic avatar) for she know that shes the avatar since 14, the king wouldn't let Katarra go on her journey and so Katara prove her worth by battilng gnorcs. As the king realized that shes ready he let her go and so

Katarra ( Avatar )
Age: 28 200 ( deceacsed)
Occupation: Avatar
Realatives: King ( father decesed, qween( mother decesed), Perseus Husband decesed)Odysseus (son), Edward ( son)
No information
elements: all of them even convexity, time and avatar comic power
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she did. Later not far from home she met at a vilage a boy her age who is a farmer and pirate named Delvin who became Katarra's friend. They went to Tenzin for learning fire Tenzin refused at first but taught her fire, magic, cosmic avatar, time and convexity in just 2 years. After that she and Delvin went to Republic City to find Cynder to teach her the element of darkness and she did. 3 years later she find out that Delvin had a afair with his ex girlfriend last year and now has a son named Edward Sparrow. But she forgives him, marries him and has a son named Thomas who will become king of Katarra's father's kingdom. After that she, Tenzin, Delvin and Cynder fight Blowhard for 13 years and win. Years after that Katarra dies a peaceful death at 200 and there was peace in the Dragon Realms.