Malefor and Senka and the Spirit Realms
Malefor and Senka ATSR Image
Written By: Bioncile2809
Chapters: 60 (Planned)
Characters: Adult Spyro (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Adult Cynder (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Young Malefor (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Senka (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Dragons of Shadow (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Theme Song: Numb - LinkinPark

The Spirit Realms is the second in the Malefor and Senka saga. It takes place 10 years after The Relics Of Darkness meaning that Malefor and Senka are now 15 years old, the same age Spyro and Cynder were in The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy.


After finding a way for 10 years to enter the spirit realm Malefor recives a vision from Convexity telling him of the only way to save Spyro and Cynder but on arriving at the Spirit Realms, Malefor and Senka are shocked to see there parents as slaves of Convexity forced to work for him in his new possition in the realms as 'King Convexity'. Convexity then explaines that he made his way up to become king after killing anyone that stood in his way.

The spirit realms are very seperate from the land of the dead, meaning that I could easily kill anyone as I could in your realms.

Song ReferencesEdit

The song Numb refers to Malefor's hatrid to his father Spyro. It shows how Malefor feels about how he's being treated by everyone around him when he known what his true destiny is.