Malefor and Senka the Final Conflict
Malefor and Senka 3
Written By: Bioncile2809
Chapters: 100 (Planned)
Characters: Young Malefor (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Senka (The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction Trilogy)
Theme Song: In The End - LinkinPark

The Final Conflict is the third story in the 'Malefor and Senka trilogy'. It is set after Malefor and Senka have rescused Spyro and Cynder from the spirit realms however it is set 1000 years in the future from when they journeyed to the spirit realms at the beginning of the previous story.


After saving Spyro and Cynder from the spirit realms, Malefor and Senka find themselfs 1000 years in the future where the world is coming to an end. Malefor is trapped in between the decision of saving the world or saving himself from the darkness. Will Spyro, Cynder and Senka stop the world from being destroyed, and without Malefors help will it be impossible.


• This is also the first story with The Legend of Spyro Fanfiction theme to not include the character Convexity.
• This will be the longest story ever attempted by Bionicle2809.
• Some characters WILL die.

Malefor is good? ???

For now, yes, but things can be repaired. Also, the fact that the organ and the secret passages were still working after 1,000 years and the books hadn't crumbled into dust means that there is probably magic on it that is maintaining it. Who knows? Now ponies are coming to visit it again, it might start rebuilding itself.