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The purple dragon is the Avatar that is supose to bring peace and bring a new era to the world. The Avatar cycle began about 1 or 2 thound years ago. It begins with the purple dragon being born, that person will learn that he or she is the Avatar when 11 or older, then it will master all 9 elements, plus Convexity, Time and the avatar cosmic energy.After it masters these, it must bring a new era or keep the era same. When the person dies, the tiny part of the spirit which is the avatar will be recarinated, then a week later the avatar will be born again. These are the elements: fire, ice lighting, earth, wind, darkness, magic, undead, life and it repeats this again and again. The known Avatars are: Eumaeus, Malefor, Spyro, Katarra, Aang, the firist avatar, the first evil avatar and Spyro's desenant Rune