The purple dragon is a rare species of dragons whos color is purple. The purple dragon can do things that no dragon can do, they can wield more then one element, they live a little longer and they can control time.
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A purple dragon

The first purple dragon discovered was about 20,000 years ago and the ancient dragons worship the purple dragon as a god. The purple dragons are really intelligent as the humans and can posess advanced techology. They have a great breeding prosess, like if a purple dragon mates with a brown dragon the offspring could inherit their skills maybe and some of the children would be purple dragons inheriting their parent's powers. Their sister race is the black dragon race, the back dragon race can do the same things as the purple dragons do and the purple dragons are closly related with the black race even the yellow and red dragonflys who have the same powers as the purple and black dragons. The known purple dragons are Shun, Yin, Eumaus, Spyro, Cynder, Malefor, Katarra and Aang.