The Return series is a series of Spyro games created by Cynder Rush. Spyro, Jet-Vac, Ember, Cynder and later Flavius are the main characters in this series (with some exeptions). The games are a cross between the original series and Skylanders series to show their similarities and try to get older fans to apreciate Spyro's Skylander design.

Character designEdit

In this series, Spyro looks like the original Spyro exept with the wings, eyes and tail of the Skylanders Spyro. This was done to make both Skylanders fans and Original fans like his design by including traits both groups will enjoy.

Games in the seriesEdit

Legends of Spyro: The hero's return

Spyro: Cubed

Spyro: Darkness awaits (coming soom!!!)


  • There is another game called Spyro: The ninth element that was made inbetween Legends of Spyro: The hero's return and Spyro: Cubed, however it is not counted as being part of the Return series due to the fact that Spyro's character design is different and that it is a cross between the Legend series and the Skylanders series, not the Original series and Skylanders series.
  • It is confirmed that in Spyro: Darkness awaits Dark Spyro will be the main character and it will have a halloween-y feel.