An exceedingly strict, adult dragon who is Spyro's, Smokey's and Daniel's employer and the leader of the lifeguard team. So far, he only appears in “Sea, Sun and Sickness”.


He is very strict towards his employees and expects the best from them. He speaks in a refined manner and he's polite, regardless of his strictness. If there's one thing he despises to an extremely massive extent is tardiness. Unfortunately, he shows no sympathy to his workers and has zero tolerance for rule-breakers.

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Sea, Sun and SicknessEdit

Currently, his only appearance is in this collaboration. He first meets Spyro when he arrives at Dragon Shores very late. In spite of his rage and angry rant, Stanley gave the plucky protagonist a chance, hoping that his abilities in his lifeguard duties will make up for his tardiness.

Stanley didn't actually show up again until before the karaoke party started. Not realising that one of his employees is ill, he scolded Spyro for coughing continously in a short, broken manner. Luckily, Daniel and Smokey stood up for the poorly, purple protagonist and backed him up.


  • He is the only dragon in the Dragon Realms who doesn't have a clue of who Spyro is.