"Unleash The Light!" -Tagline of the game. The Legend of Spyro:The Legacy Of Light is the next chapter to The Legend of Spyro series, published by Sierra and developed by. This game will be released on PC, DS Lite and WII. A Tablet version will be released two years ahead.


The gameplay has been boosted and tweaked, unlike the previous installments in order to provide huge varieties of additions, such as unlimited Mana and Health, so each player can be protected which the last titles have you started with limited supply(It wasn't that helpful, if you don't liked it), all levels have two more added, so that you can have more time to play, also you are able to control new elemental furies, Fire will start as a barrage of fireballs that swirl around all enemies and then they explode upon touch, Electricity will start as a tornado of volts that eliminate all enemies, then a smoke-like sphere of electricity that will implode into Spyro and rips him apart then reappear(just like teleporting),Ice will start as freezing all enemies, then creating a Barrage of three blasts of snow and cloud and Earth will start out as a energy cloud over Spyro's body that is big(twice as him)then an onslaut of Bombs made of Rock will fall from the sky and end with all enemies squished.