There was peace in the Dragon Realms and its been a week since Katarra's death.

200 (deceased)
unknown monk ( father), unknown wife, Odysseus ( son)
Al of the elements, time, convexity and avatar state

On the seventh day since Katarra's death, Aang is born to a royal family of the electric dragons but his fathers a royal monk and Aang was to be a monk and warrior.10 years later Aang was told that hes the avatar and in just 4 years he mastered all elements,time,convexity and avatar state. During and after that he had lots of adventures. When he was 18 he married and when he was 20 he had to fight a war with the trolls because the troll king attacked Warfang, so he fought. He won with his dragon soliders and for 10 years he tried to go back home but had adventures instead. 10 years later he return learning his sons 20, suitors have come married his wife to control pluguia, he kill them all with his son and there was peace. He died at 200 peacefully.