Chapter 1: A Terrible Beginning Edit

"Save them, Ignitus! The dark armies are coming!" Ignitus snached up the egg that was purple, he loved this egg, and in his haste, did not notice that the black egg that rolled to the side as he knocked it away, had been nestled up against the purple one, and now, it was alone, solitary. Soon, the Dragons were all down, and The smoking temple was filled with foully dressed apes. "Smash them." The largest one said. The eggs were taken one by one, but as the last one was about to be stepped on, the ape said. "NO! Wait... Give me that egg." He picked it up, and walked out, caressing it. "The Dark Master will love this... I will enjoy myself...."

Back at the mountain, the Monkey held the egg. "What am I to do with it? You asked for a Dragon hatchling." A terrible gravely voice spoke up. "You will raise it." "What? Why, my master?" "To serve me... to serve me." The voice faded. The ape chuckled. "Yesssss. I will do as you say. Gaul will raise this young Drakling and make it his own. Gual will give it powers like never EVER before! Gual will rule!"

Chapter 2: A Monster is Born Edit

The large monkey walked up to the hatchling dragon. She was a pail purple.... "How strange..." Gaul noted. "I will now, take you, and give you powers like you've- hey!" The dragon was nipping at a string hanging from his cape. "Stop now." He said.