The notorious warlord from the glorious kingdom of Avalar, Zental-Ki is a very sneaky and strange character from the Dragon Realms. Zental-Ki declaired war upon the Rhynocs in the Dragon's Dark Age. Rhynocs and other enemies to the dragons were excited to experience their dark age as Dragons ceased to practice religion and free will. Dragons were put to hard work and Zental-Ki had rebeled. He rounded up the Avalar military and made a strike upon the Rhynoc slave drivers. Zental-Ki is remembered by many of the Dragon Realms. His portrait is displayed in many museums and even the Dragonfly Dojo.

History Edit

The Rhynocs and dealing with the Dragon's Dark Age Edit

Zental-Ki was able to gain victory in the brutal war after gaining effort to the eduacational service. Dragons could now return to reading and writing and practicing religious belief. This is a result to Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Zental-Ki no longer fights war at the period in time. After his great victory and effort to keeping Avalar and the rest of the Dragon Realms safe, he became a High Preist of Dragon Monks and Elder. Zental-Ki later became a religious teacher in other words.

Death Edit

In the early years of the New Avalarian Rule, Zental-Ki peacefully died. In his memory, he was remembered in monuments such as statues. Famous statues are found in the Dragonfly Dojo, Avalar Green, or other religious places of worship. A famous statue shows Zental-Ki in action, charging at the enemy. It was given a knoble name, The Dragon who Soars for Free.

Relationship with FuriousEdit

He was the one to keep Furious from burping. In return Furious stole his chocolate.